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The latest Exter taste: Dark Mild Roast

7 October 2015

The latest Exter taste: Dark Mild Roast
Dark Mild Roast is a taste with strong colouring properties. It is highly concentrated, so only very small quantities are needed. The taste is neutral, but the strong colouring effect remains.

Clean label: no E numbers, no allergens
The new Dark Roast Mild taste has been developed under our Clean Label. This means that it doesn't contain E numbers and that it is allergen-free. It is also vegetarian. And it is 100% soluble in water.

Reducing slowly, into the oven: roasted!
Here at Exter, we develop new tastes all the time. One is sharp, another is somewhat more rounded. One is subtle, another is fuller. Exter is renowned for its 'roasted tastes'. Our authentic cooking methods give our tastes the edge: reducing slowly and roasting in the oven.