From a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning to a sunny evening barbecue dinner. At Exter we know and appreciate the roasted moments. Which is why we have created an extensive range of roasted taste ingredients.

We create our roasts by combining nature’s ingredients in our oven tins. Adding the right amount of heat and water to create the perfect atmosphere for the products to cook, bake and roast until they are golden brown and aromatic. Ready to use to bring authentic taste and a dark colour for any desired dish.

The single roast notes, can be used in multiple end products. With their intense taste and dark solutions they are cost-effective in use, heat and shelf life stable and easy to use powders.

Benefits of DARK ROASTS

The DARK ROASTS can be used in many savoury and sweet foods. Being stable under harsh temperatures and processes the DARK ROASTS can be used in, sauces, marinates, powder blends, in-dough, baked goods, coffee drinks, chocolate products, meat, snacks and many more.

  • √ Roasted & Oven-baked
  • √ Intense dark effect & strong meat taste
  • √ Improved dark chocolate note
  • √ More premium and darker coffee aroma
  • √ Dark solution and intense savoury profile


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