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Exter bouillon provides a meat taste through its excellent, natural, taste enhancing quality. All products are based on authentic ingredients which we procure from all over the world. Our bouillon is the basis on which well-known food producers make a wide variety of dishes.

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The secret to a successful dish is its flavour. The taste profile and intensity determines the taste experience. Exter produces highly effective products for (natural) taste enhancement. These products intensify the taste and ensure a longer taste experience.

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The taste of beef is instantly recognisable, and ranges from roast beef to cooked beef, rare to well-done. To achieve the right taste, colour and declaration, we reduce and roast our bouillon. Of course, we do this with the best ingredients and in perfect ratios.

Taste portfolio: marrow, roasted, meaty, boiled

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Our range of authentic vegetable tastes can be used in a wide variety of food. Our products create the right taste, colour and declaration.

Taste portfolio: vegetables, mushroom

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White meat

Meat taste is commonly used in western and Asian cuisine. Exter offers different meat tastes with the right taste, colour and declaration.

Taste portfolio: cooked, roasted, bacon

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Across the world, the meat taste most commonly used in food products is chicken. Exter uses traditional cooking methods to produce savoury ingredients which give dishes an authentic chicken taste.

Taste portfolio: cooked, roasted, fried

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Across the world, there is an ever-increasing demand for fish products thanks to its healthy image. Exter uses traditional preparation methods to create savoury ingredients with a typical fish taste.

Taste portfolio: crab, whitefish, prawn, tuna


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Savoury culinary ingredients

Exter's CulinairEx is a culinary solution for clear and transparant labels. These pure culinary ingredients, in both plant-based and meat varieties, bridge the gap between the consumer and industry demand for kitchen cupboard ingredients.


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Dark Roast

From a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning to a sunny evening barbecue dinner. At Exter we know and appreciate the roasted moments. Which is why we have created an extensive range of roasted taste ingredients.


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