There is an ever-increasing demand for variety. Requirements such as kosher and halal and an ever-increasing demand for vegetarian, vegan, organic, gluten-free and GMO-free products. Economic developments also play a role. For instance, people are cooking at home less these days, but they still want authentic tasting food. Exter can fulfil this demand for variety.

Alongside the large food producers which use our products, we also supply smaller volumes to specialists. Simply because we believe in choice. Everyone should be able to choose what they like.

Using standard processes as the starting point does not fit in with our philosophy. We continuously consult our customers about what they need, how much, what is already available in the market etc. How we can give the taste a distinctive twist?


We are able to do this thanks to the way we work. Our range is flexible because we have an authentic and traditional approach to everything. We experiment with raw materials and new combinations. Just like chefs, we are always looking for new taste sensations.