The taste of beef is instantly recognisable, and ranges from roast beef to cooked beef, rare to well-done. To achieve the right taste, colour and declaration, we reduce and roast our bouillon. Of course, we do this with the best ingredients and in perfect ratios.

Taste portfolio:

marrow, roasted, meaty, boiled


  • All of our products are GMO-free.
  • We can also supply most of our products with kosher or halal certification.
  • On request, we can develop our products according to specific requirements: vegetarian, vegan, without flavour enhancers, allergen-free, natural and clean label.
  • Cost-effective use
  • For ease of use, we supply all of our products in powdered form


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Afbeelding Beef

Application information

Exter's savoury ingredients can be used in many products: meat and meat substitutes, sauces, condiments such as ketchup, soups, snacks and noodles. They form the perfect basis for seasoning mixes and flavour blends. Consumer product content varies from 0.3 - 3%, depending on personal preference. We have ample experience with the application of marrow beef (0.5%) to make Asian noodle soup. Our products are soluble in water, dispersible in oil, and their heat and shelf life stability is excellent.