Producing the perfect taste

The world of taste can be divided into three categories, which can be illustrated using a pyramid. From the bottom to the top they are

  1. Basic notes, which form the base of a taste (such as bouillon and HVP).
  2. Body notes, which ensure that a dish tastes like roast chicken, or has the taste of roast beef. 
  3. Top notes, which give the taste a twist or enhance the taste. Top notes often have a very strong smell.


Exter's expertise revolves around the first and second categories. We create the base (1), and then give the taste body (2).

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Exter controls the basic notes

Our bouillons are made with ingredients such as hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP), salt, (natural) flavour enhancers and fat. We create a stable base which produces a long-lasting taste effect. You experience savoury tastes such as salt, bouillon and umami (mouthfeel). So this really is the basis on which you can build a taste.

Exter gives the taste body

We can create a fried, cooked or roasted chicken, beef or pork taste using a combination of different ingredients. In addition to meat, we also have fish, vegetable and seasoning tastes, and a wide range of body notes which are also available in natural and/or allergen-free varieties.