Sales Support Zaandam

Exter Company Profile

Exter is a leading global supplier of specialty (added-value) savoury taste ingredients to major global food manufacturers. Our ingredients are known for over 70 years for quality, cost effectiveness and innovation, providing customers with a broad array of customized solutions to enhance consumer differentiation. The company has experienced tremendous growth since their divesture and MBO (Management Buy Out) several years ago from a leading publically traded, best in class, value added ingredient supplier. The business is niche oriented and is well positioned for strategic growth, building on its existing customer base and demand for their products and services. Exter has a worldwide network of distributors and dedicated sales forces to support their long term growth objectives.

We are famous throughout the world for the traditional method we use to prepare savoury taste ingredients: slow reduction and then roasting in the oven. Slow cooking, where we take the time to let the ingredients do their job. Home cooking but on a professional scale, serving the food industry. Enjoying the genuine taste of traditional cuisines. That is what Exter represents: pure flavours from authentic cuisines, using ingredients that come straight from the land and the farm. Fuss free. Prepared with passion and love - just like grandma used to, but now on an industrial scale.

We are focussed on our customers from our 6 regional sales offices. Those sales offices are located amongst others in Zaandam, the Netherlands; Bangkok, Thailand; Shanghai, China; Manilla, the Philippines; Jakarta, Indonesia. We are opening sales offices in Africa and in the United States. These sales offices are closely linked to our Regional Product Development Centres and our Production locations in Zaandam and in Bangkok.

Job Description

In the role of Sales Support Zaandam you are responsible for the support of the international sales managers and customers to ensure that the sales results are met. You work from the head quarter location of Exter in The Netherlands, Zaandam, and you report to the head of the sales. The sales managers you support are responsible for sales in Europe, Africa and Americas. You work in close contact with our senior sales support in Zaandam and the sales support team in Bangkok.

Goals and Objectives

  • • Create high level of customer satisfaction
  • • Ensure flawless execution in administration
  • • Be the linking pin between the sales managers, the customers and the Exter Operations
  • • Able to connect people across cultures
  • • Drive processes and take actions within the deadline
  • • Analyse sales data and make reports

Duties and Responsibilities

  • • Increases company performance by recruiting, coaching, guiding and monitoring performance
  • • Communicates company values, strategies and objectives, assigning accountability, planning and appraising performance
  • • Develops with sales managers local sales plans
  • • Seeks alignment between Bangkok and Zaandam Functions and enforces company processes
  • • Coordinates alignment between our Exter Asian Sales Organization – Application Centre – Finance  and our JV Operations
  • • Builds company image by working with customers, governments and  employees enforcing ethical business practice
  • • Contributes to team efforts by accomplishing and driving for results
  • • Drives and Support sales activities where needed

Key Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • • Administrative, record-keeping with attention to detail
  • • Excellent skills in Microsoft Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • • Ability to multi-task
  • • Focus and deadline oriented without compromising the process
  • • Knowledge of and ability to collaborate when necessary with other departments
  • • Excellent organizational skills
  • • Experience with CRM and ERP applications
  • • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • • Ability to work under pressure
  • • College / University level
  • • Preferred language skills: 1) English, 2) German, 3) French, 4) Dutch

Detailed Duties and Responsibilities

  • • Main point of contact for the customers, and internally for the following activities:

    • o Sales forecast information
      • ▪ Proactively check forecast regularly
      • ▪ Highlight deviations (positive and negative)
      • ▪ Check with customers for their most accurate forecast
      • ▪ Escalate to the Sales Manager in case of relevant deviations

    • o Questionnaire and document requests
      • ▪ Pick up all questionnaires and document requests from the customer
      • ▪ Manage the flow internally
      • ▪ Send the answer back to customer
      • ▪ Keep the Sales Manager in cc

    • o Complaints:
      • ▪ Pick up the complaint from the customer
      • ▪ Manage the flow internally, within the deadline
      • ▪ Check outcome with the Sales Manager
      • ▪ Reply to the customer with Sales Manager in cc

    • o Samples:
      • ▪ Pick up all sample requests from customers
      • ▪ Coordinate internally and confirm to the customer

    • o Order delays:
      • ▪ Pick up the communication from SOM in case of delay
      • ▪ Inform Sales Manager on a case-by-case basis

    • o Portfolio management
      • ▪ In case of change at Product level, inform the customer and follow up actions

    • o Sales contracts:
      • ▪ After prices are agreed between the Sales Manager and the customer, share the SC with the customer.
      • ▪ Archive the email communication in Shared Folder

    • o Management of changes (MOC)
      • ▪ Pick up all MOC’s for the region, and manage the process within the deadline
      • ▪ Align with Sales Manager on priorities

    • o Data administration in SAP (ERP system) and Salesforce (CRM system)
      • ▪ Make sure that data is updated, well maintained

  • ▪ Response to general questions and requests of customers and sales managers (e.g. product information, conditions of sales, production planning, support Sales Manager in meeting preparation)
  • ▪ Active commercial approach to customers with propositions (example : sample follow up)
  • ▪ Proactively identify issues and opportunities
  • ▪ Participate in cross functional meeting
  • ▪ Actively participate in cross functional projects
  • ▪ Prepare monthly Reporting


Please send your CV to
Sonja Sikkes, HR Manager
Gerrit Bolkade 10
1507 BR Zaandam
Call: +31 (0) 75 - 670 00 41.