Our first pure meat ingredient in this range is Oven-Roasted Chicken. Other culinary meat tastes will soon be added to the range. After cooking and simmering, the chicken stock is reduced to a thick glaze, which is then baked in our ovens. Our authentic, traditional oven technology helps us achieve a true home-cooked taste, a signature taste of Exter.


  • • 100% chicken
  • • No added salt, fat or carrier
  • • High taste impact
  • • Authentic roasted chicken profile
  • • Natural and pure culinary ingredient
  • • Traditional processing
  • • Oven roasted chicken broth declaration
  • • Non- gmo

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Afbeelding CulinairEx Meat

Application information

The CulinairEx Meat range can be used in multiple applications. Typical dosages with strong taste impact are 0.1% – 0.25%. The Oven-Roasted Chicken is suitable for different applications starring chicken, including seasoned chicken, boiled chicken, chicken dishes such as chicken curries chicken stews, fried chicken snacks. And also for products without chicken looking for an authentic chicken taste, such as snacks and seasonings. It can be perfectly paired with other strong taste ingredients such as herbs & spices. Because the intense chicken profile prevents the chicken taste from being overpowered by other tastes.