CulinairEx-Umami delivers a strong umami taste in any savoury application by using a pure kitchen cupboard ingredient. We create products that are highly concentrated in umami through our traditional oven technology.

The CulinairEx-Umami range enhances taste, has a prolonged lingering effect and intensifies creaminess in low-fat applications. It compensates for salt reduction and balances the overall product taste.


  • • Ingredients high in umami taste
  • • Single ingredient on label
  • • High taste impact
  • • Non-GMO and allergen-free
  • • Mouthfeel and richness

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Afbeelding CulinairEx Umami

Application information

1) The CulinairEx Umami can be used in any savoury recipe that could use a boost in taste or lingering effect from a dosage of 0.05% - 0.5%.
2) The CulinairEx Umami is suitable for fatty sauces and dressings, clear bouillons and soups, vegetarian and meat based products, snacks seasonings and ready meals. To enhance impact, lengthen the lingering effect, improve the taste balance and give a pleasant umami effect.