Based on our traditional oven technology, a selection of three unique onion tastes are available in the CulinairEx Vegetables range. At low dosages the onions give a strong savoury, balancing, enhancing umami taste and improve the overall lingering and appreciation of a recipe. At higher dosages the authentic home-cooked onion profile appears for a strong sautéed or intense roast onion taste.


  • • Natural and pure culinary ingredient
  • • Mouthfeel and richness
  • • Traditional processing
  • • Single ingredient on label:
  • • Oven sautéed onion powder or natural onion flavouring
  • • Non-GMO

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Afbeelding CulinairEx Vegetables

Application information

The CulinairEx Onions can be used in several different end-applications. Onion is a typical staple and our CulinairEx onions give an authentic onion taste to any dish at a dosage from 0.2% - 1.0%. The different onion types give an unique and authentic onion taste. From generic light sautéed onion profile to a more distinctive and intense roasted onion. The CulinairEx onions can be used for meat dishes, plant-based alternatives, dough and pastry, soups including clear bouillons, sauces and fatty dressings and snack seasonings.